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Aloha means - to be happy with

The name of the label Arte Puna Alegría derives from the Spanish word ‘alegría’, which means happiness. Puna is a region in Hawaii that has become one of the biggest inspirations for the label. For Arte Puna Alegría Puna is a great example of Hawai´ian culture and the meaning of aloha.

Blaze of colour

A blaze of colour with opulent, luscious and sometimes juicy figurative motives is how the work of the collective of artists can be described. Bliss “con mucha alegria” and (spoken in Hawai´ian terms) insight of an aloha state of mind, loving and feeling good through sacral inner peace with –– ho´oponopono, is what the collective creates with its pictures.

Arte Puna Alegría has used this idea as a way to describe its personal artistic journey. From paintings that express desire (both positive and negative aspects), to paintings that show bliss, release, interdependence, connectedness, acceptance and contentment. As a praise/tribute for joyfulness and freedom, it captures the beauty in life. With mostly floral, tropical motives and portraits of women, it creates vibrant images that reveal female sexuality, erotica and jollity. A contagious lust for life, self expression and inquisitiveness is what it brings out as a gift of mental and emotional freedom.


The collective lives and works in Hamburg (Germany), Málaga (Spain) and Hawai´i and can be reached via e-mail through: alegria@artepunaalegria.com